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Before you plead guilty to a Michigan OWI charge...

Attorney Joseph CrossBefore you even consider pleading guilty to a drunk driving charge, you should find out if you have a valid defense that could result in a dismissal or a plea bargain. To find out, call me direct on my cell phone at (877) OWI-LAWS.

If I don't answer your call immediately, I'm either in court or speaking to another client.

I will respond to you personally.

You will not speak to a receptionist, or a secretary that attempts to screen calls. I will take your call directly, and take the time to listen to your case and render a free opinion.

I will also caution you not to overpay for your defense.

My fees are fair and reasonable. And yes, I conduct a thorough investigation of your case and obtain the same evidence as the higher-priced attorneys. More importantly, I know what to do with the evidence and the limitations that constrain a defendant.

I don't charge an additional trial fee like some attorneys, nor do I charge additional fees for motions or evidentiary hearings. I feel that you should not be discouraged from pursuing your constitutional right to trial simply because some attorney wants to charge you an arm and a leg for the trial portion of your case.

In fact, I charge significantly less than most attorneys because my case analysis is efficient and direct. Having worked for the state court and United States District Court, I understand the system, the prosecutors, probation officers, and most importantly, the judges.

The legal system can be unfair to accused drunk drivers

The crime of drunk driving is particularly unpopular with the public and the press. Legislators, reacting to public opinion and pressure from groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, are passing increasingly severe laws and tough punishments for drunk drivers.

This means that the defense of your drunk driving charge will be met with extreme opposition from the prosecutor and the judge.

But this does not mean you should give up.

What to do when you're facing drunk driving charges

First, it is critical that you have your case investigated to the full extent of the law.

You were most likely video-taped when you were pulled over and arrested. You probably didn't know it at the time. Or if you did know it, you may have been unaware that the officer probably kept his microphone on and recorded you while you were seated in the patrol vehicle.

You need that tape.

What is recorded can be very different from what the officer wrote down in his report. Inconsistencies help you.

The officer's account of your performance on field sobriety tests may also be inaccurate.

Did you really stumble during the Walk and Turn? Did you lose your balance during the One Leg Stand? Was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test conducted properly? Officers may fail to recount your performance accurately, which hurts their credibility and can lead to suppression of evidence or dismissal.

The police report should be obtained, as well as the police narrative, calibration logs of breath testing equipment, blood test results, witness statements, 911 tapes, dispatch tapes and logs, preliminary breath test results even if they were shared with you at the roadside, as well as many other potentially exculpatory items that might tend to show your innocence or undermine the prosecution's case against you.

I obtain all of this valuable information. Depending on the circumstances, I then use it to have your case dismissed, to get evidence suppressed, or to undermine the prosecutor's case at trial.

In 2004 alone, I appeared in over 80 courts throughout Michigan defending people accused of Drunk Driving, both in the lower and upper peninsula.

Many attorneys claim a presence throughout Michigan, yet they refer cases to out-of-town attorneys or send an associate to handle the out-of-town cases. I handle my own cases, wherever they may be.

The people I assisted throughout Michigan in 2004 achieved some impressive results. To find out how impressive, and to find out what commitment, hard work, and attention to detail can do for your drunk driving defense, visit the Drunk Driving Sample Cases page.

A lapse in judgment doesn't have to cost you everything

If you're like most people charged with drunk driving, you may be experiencing emotions like guilt, embarrassment, shame, or anger.

You may be angry with the police because you're wrongly accused, or you may be angry with yourself for making a bad decision and getting behind the wheel.

You may be feeling guilty because you could have injured someone.

You may be embarrassed because you're about to lose your license and will have to tell your employer.

In short, you're probably feeling terrible right now. And you haven't even dealt with the legal system yet.

Call me, discuss my fee, and let me assess your case today. You can call me direct on (877) OWI-LAWS or you can complete the free online case review and I'll contact you.

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