Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile (UDAA)

If you have been charged with UDAA, the prosecutor believes you have engaged in car theft by willfully and without authority, taking possession of and driving or taking away (or assisting in or being a party to such taking possession, driving or taking away) of any motor vehicle belonging to another. Unlike joyriding, U.D.A.A. requires proof of theft.
Penalty: Felony --- up to 5 years.

The Michigan statute proscribing UDAA is as follows:

MCL 750.413 Motor vehicle; taking possession and driving away.

Taking possession of and driving away a motor vehicle—Any person who shall, willfully and without authority, take possession of and drive or take away, and any person who shall assist in or be a party to such taking possession, driving or taking away of any motor vehicle, belonging to another, shall be guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 5 years.

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