Preparing for a DLAD Hearing

If you plan to appeal your revocation to the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD), you will need to submit a completed substance abuse evaluation.

If you have not already requested a hearing, Mr. Cross can do this for you. He will submit the request with your current evaluation, which must not be dated more than 3 months before the date it is received by the Department.

The substance abuse counselor will prepare the evaluation and provide you with the completed form for your appeal hearing.

Your substance abuse evaluation must be current.

Documentation of Petitioner's Past and Current Substance Abuse History

You must obtain documentation of your drinking and drug use habits in the form of letters from people in your community who have frequent contact with you and may know something about your drinking habits and/or use of controlled substances. These would include immediate family members, other relatives, employers, friends, pastors, local police, an AA sponsor, etc.

You should submit at least 3 letters, but not more than six. These letters should be signed and dated and include the mailing address and telephone number of the writer, and contain at least the following information about you.

  1. What the writer’s relationship is to you.
  2. How long has the writer known you.
  3. How often does the writer see you.
  4. Describe the writer’s knowledge of your past and current use of alcohol and/or drugs including frequency of use, amount used, beverage and/or drug of choice.
  5. When the last time was that the writer saw or had knowledge that you had used any alcohol and/or drugs.
  6. What the writer’s knowledge is of your past and current involvement in treatment and/or a support group.
  7. The writer should include other information he or she believes is important.

Mr. Cross will keep copies of your letters documenting your substance abuse history and evaluation and submit the originals. Copies will not be made for you at the hearing or reexamination. If you had an Ignition Interlock installed on your vehicle, you must submit the ignition interlock Final Report along with your other documentation.

Contact attorney Joseph Cross direct at (877) OWI-LAWS to have the best chance of getting your driver's license back. You can also complete our Free Online Case Review and Mr. Cross will contact you.