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Call Attorney Joe Cross DIRECT on his cellphone


If you need legal help, call Michigan OWI attorney Joseph Cross immediately.

The above number links you to the cell phone of Joe Cross, so you will get through to him directly. If for some reason, you have to leave a message it means Joe is either in court or on another call. He will return your call as soon as possible, typically within the hour.

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Can you guarantee results?

The answer is no. The state of Michigan frowns on attorneys who guarantee their results. Mr. Cross, however, is committed to obtaining the best possible results for his clients for two reasons: 1) it's the right thing to do, and 2) if you are pleased with the service Mr. Cross provides, you will be more inclined to refer new clients to him because you trust that he will work his hardest for those new clients.

Do you take payment plans?

Again, Mr. Cross attempts to avoid situations where his clients will not pursue their constitutional rights because they can't afford it. As a result, he will accept a payment plan commitment and trust that you will abide by your commitment.

How do you charge?

Mr. Cross usually charges a flat fee for his services which are competitive and affordable when compared to most attorneys' fees. But significantly, Mr. Cross does not charge an additional fee if you choose to go to trial. He believes strongly that you should not avoid trial for the simple reason that you can't afford it. Many attorneys will either charge an arm and a leg for trial knowing that the client will do anything to get the case dismissed, or they use a high fee to talk the client into NOT going to trial. Mr.

Can I avoid a license sanction?

[Excluding an implied consent violation] The answer is no, unless you beat the drunk driving charge outright. License sanctions are now imposed by the secretary of state without the ability of the court to modify the sanctions in most situations. If you have further questions, review the sanctions imposed for various offenses under the license restoration section of this website.