I'm a Criminal Trial Practitioner.

This means that I approach every case as if it will go to trial. I perform an investigation of the facts, determine what defenses are available to you at or before trial, and position us for the battle with the prosecutor known as a jury trial.

This does not mean that your case will necessarily go to trial, but if it does, we'll will be well-prepared.

Often times, the prosecutor will offer the chance for you to plead guilty to a lesser charge. However, the only way you can make an informed decision as to whether to accept the offer is to know what defenses are available to you and how strong your case is.

So whether you've been charged with retail fraud, or a more serious crime such as assault with intent to murder or possession with intent to deliver marijuana, I'll aggressively defend you, or at your direction, negotiate the best possible plea bargain. It will be your decision to either take your case all the way to trial, or accept a plea bargain.

I will investigate your case, discuss your options with you based on the evidence I collect, and I will enable you to make an informed decision to either fight to the end or settle on a reduced charge.

To the right is a list of crimes that are commonly charged in Michigan. I will defend you on these charges, as well as other charges not listed.

Click on the crime you've been charged with to understand exactly what conduct the prosecutor believes you engaged in, and what possible penalties you're facing if convicted. Then call me direct on my cell phone at (877) OWI-LAWS to discuss your case. Alternatively you can complete the free online case review and I'll contact you.