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Michigan Revoked Driver's License

The most serious action is a revocation, otherwise known as termination of the operator's license and privilege to operate a motor vehicle.

The driver is only eligible to reapply to the Department for license restoration after the expiration of one year following a first revocation, and after the expiration of five years for a subsequent revocation within seven years of a prior revocation.

There is no guarantee that the license will be returned after the minimum period of revocation.

In fact, restoration is frequently denied.

If your license has been revoked, your chances of restoration can be greatly improved by using an attorney skilled in the restoration process.

The pivotal issue considered by the DLAD hearing officer is whether the person can be considered a safe driver. The hearing officers generally base their decisions upon documentary evidence and testimony. Letters and alcohol evaluations where necessary are critical to the process, but there are many nuances to a restoration hearing that an attorney can assist you with.

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