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Michigan Suspended Driver's License

A "suspension" is usually for a definite period and carries a "from" and "through" date. When the "through" date is reached, the driver merely needs to appear at a branch office and pay the reinstatement fee for relicensure.

An attorney is not usually required for this this type of relicensure.

If additional violations have occurred during the period of suspension, however, you may wish to speak to an attorney experienced in driver's license restoration so that you can avoid any problems that may result from the additional violation. Additional violations may result in your suspension extended or may even result in license revocation.

If no additional violations occurred during suspension, you may need only to pay the reinstatement fee. If the reinstatement fee is not paid, the driver is on an "invalid" license status.

Restrictions or suspensions may also be "indefinite" in nature, and will not terminate until approved for relicensure by the Department or a court. For example, if an indefinite suspension is imposed by a Department analyst for a medical reason, the driver must submit a favorable medical statement for evaluation before relicensure is authorized.

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