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Traffic Violations
More than 80% of Americans fail to challenge a traffic ticket, and instead admit responsibility and pay the fine.

Before you do the same, contact Mr. Cross direct on his cell phone at (877) OWI-LAWS to learn whether you should plead guilty, fight the ticket, or attempt to plead it down to a lesser offense or fine.

With insurance rates on the rise, and driving records becoming more and more important to retaining driving privileges, consider retaining an attorney (for a reasonable fee) to minimize the damage done. For example, Mr. Cross recently had a client’s 4 point speeding ticket reduced to a no point violation. Another client received a "sudden acceleration" ticket (a $100 fine) instead of a "20 mph over" in a 55 mph hour zone.

Contact attorney Joseph Cross BELOW or direct at (877) OWI-LAWS before you attempt to negotiate a reduction. Once a prosecutor commits to a reduction, no matter how slight, it may be difficult to convince the prosecutor to further reduce the ticket. Proper negotiation and leverage are essential to obtaining the best result.